Friday, September 7, 2007

Billy Goating in Glacier NP - September 7th, 2007

This summer Steve and I finally got up to Glacier NP for a hike. It was nice to finally have the fires smoke quelched and some fresh air. The leaves were starting to turn and it felt like it actually might rain. With very loose plans we left Missoula, headed for the park. West Glacier campground was the only thing (except Polebridge) available. We snuggled in with the rest of the RVs and tourons. Elk steaks and a few beers brought down the night.

The morning was damp and cool. While I was just wiping the crust out of my eyes, I heard a distant elk bugle. And then another, which I guess is pretty rare in West. It wasn't the weather we had hoped for, but there were breaks in the clouds. The Logan Pass parking lot was pretty full even by 9am. Steve started pointing at all the options and we decided on Mt. Clements. The below pic is what you see from the parking lot. We climbed up the side you can't see.

I had no idea what we were in for and apparently Steve didn't remember how gnarly it was. Lots of exposure and pucker factor. The trail we literally carved into the side of a 2000ft cliff. It was like walking on a sidewalk, except you weren't allowed to trip or stumble. The views on the summit we unreal. The weather held up and we made it down safely. The next day the legs were beat (see out of shape) so we made an excuse about the weather and drove home............with our tails between our legs.

Heres a pic of a ram posing in the parking lot of Logan Pass (looks fake, huh?)

Hiking up towards the peak we passed this angry mob

Steve cruising the ridge

Me hanging it all out there

Strike a pose