Saturday, December 12, 2009

Some very important words

Early this last week a bitter cold air mass dropped into the Missoula Valley. Temperatures plummeted -15F without wind chill. Unfortunately there was no snow so we had to look elsewhere. The girls and I were homeward bound for several days which provided some time to introduce them to some ski movies. They have seen them before but this film actually held their attention for more than a few minutes and that saying a lot :-). They are learning new words every day. But these three words: Ski Pow Pow, well they make this dad proud.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Red Bull Project X - Shaun White's Secret Halfpipe

When people spend two months to build you your own half pipe you might be good. When helicopters drop 30 charges to set off avies and work snowcats all night for you, you might have something going. Shaun White has it good.This project involves shaping a private halfpipe in one of Silverton Mountains alpine basins. The scale of this thing is mind boggling.

For all the videos and background on this massive undertaking check out