Friday, September 26, 2008

Who killed the Electric Car

I recently watched this documentary, Who Killed the Electric Car and would highly recommend it if you are at all interested in alternative energy. This film is an eye opener to the things that go on behind the scenes. It shows that public knowledge is key and that large conglomerates, whether government or corporate are capable to squashing new technology. I don't even think you could call it a conspiracy theory, this is the real deal.

If you like high gas prices and foreign oil dependancy, don't bother renting this one.

Here's a preview

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

27 miles of pure fun

Well, okay it wasn't necessarily all fun but most of it was. Two buddies and I left the Rattlesnake trailhead at 10am on Saturday morning. Oh yeah, this was after I got a flat without even leaving the parking lot. How you might wonder? I'm not really sure but I think I might have reefed on the valve stem too hard while trying to pump up my rear tire.

The first section of this trail can be an ass kicker (for my candyass legs anyway). There are a feww really steep sections that just don't agree with my legs yet, so I ended up walking a bit. Finally, we gained the ridge and I caught up with K and J. The trail follows the ridge all the way up towards our destination. With many steep and rough sections, only a true animal could ride. We defintely had to push quite a few sections, but that was okay because it gave us time to stop and browse on the huckleberries.

Once you get to this point (at about 7 miles) you've gained about 3500 vertical feet. We took a long lunch, lounging in the bear grass and soaking up the rays. From there on, the grunt is lessened a bit and you have about 4 miles left to the top.

The views up top were unbelievable. We could see the Missions, the Bob, the Bitterroots and a lot in between. I would say you could easily see could easily see 50 miles in any direction, spectacular. After a few pics we dropped in on what would be a 16 mile downhill or 2.5 hours of fun. The trail off the top is very rough but totally rideable for 2-3 miles. The turn that takes you back down towards the Rattlesnake is one that you'll have to keep your eye out for, there's no sign so bring your map and good map skillz yo. This downhill is great, busting down though a jungle like rain forest (for Montana anyway), some buffed out section and some very rooty/rocky sections. And finally getting to the Rattlesnake dirt road, you have 8 miles of fast-get-back-to-the-car-to-have-a-beer-riding. Man that beer never tasted so good. A total of 8.5 hours and 27 miles later we kicked off our shoes and called it fun.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just because your bros ripped it, doesn't mean it won't rip you

Just a little reminder that you always have to be ready. I found this over on Teton AT and thought it was pretty interesting as well as scary. How many times have you stood ontop a line, given up 1st tracks to your buddy just because you might have felt a little nervous about the slope. You watch him and start to fell a rise of confidence. Its happened to me many a time. Well, this video just serves as a reminder thats not always the case.

This guy got real lucky! It definitely is going to make me think twice about hucking in the backcountry.

Monday, September 1, 2008

September snow!

The last week has brought a bit of winter into the surrounding hills of Missoula. There haven't been any signs of flakes in the valley but its exciting none the less. We've had 2 seperate occasions where its rained or at least sprinkled for 1-2 days. That feels great compared to the scorcher of a summer that we had last year. Last year brought record temps in July (11 days of triple digit temperatures), while this summer I'm not sure we had any triple digits?

Today the clouds finally broke enough to see up towards Snowbowl, what did I see? Snow, thats right. Not a bad way to start off Septemeber. The Stuart Peak Snotel site said it was 36 degrees at 3pm and dropping. We actually had to turn on the heat in the house for the first time since June. Time to get serious about the knee......winter is around the corner :-).

Here's a picture from this morning, Sept. 2nd. Lolo Peak looking good