Monday, February 10, 2014

Pacific Firehose, Atmospheric River, Gravy Train...Ruh 'Ohhh

I hadn't heard a few of those terms before... Pacific Firehose, Gravy train etc. Sounds like that is about to change and things are gonna get sloppy. But for now.....

Skiing back to the truck along Hwy 12 after a great powder run!
We've got a veritable winter wonderland here in Missoula, the 2 weeks have been full of snowfall and cold temps in the valley. The snowbanks on the side of the driveway are building to impressive levels. For those of you that have been in Kneetopia before you may recall my post on Snowbank Envy.. Being the snowbank nerd and #1 fan of snow-shoveling, I've been intrigued by the fat snow banks at our new residence.

 At our old house I had a much larger driveway to shovel, giving me plenty of time to practice the art of snow-shoveling. At the new casa, the driveway is 20 feet by 20 feet. Small, fast and manageable. This also allows me to pile all the snow in one spot, thus making my berm all that much higher. You see, I often fantasize about living in snowy climes that would force me to own a snow-blower to which I would manicure the side of my drive to perfection. Anyway, back to reality.....If you look down the street towards my house sometime, you may find me shoveling the street as well. Neighbors probably scratch their heads in confusion. Well, sometimes I haven't had my fill and I feel the need to push some more snow. I know, laugh away.

I'll leave you with the Waddling Will, he reminded me of that kid in Christmas Story while we were out sledding.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter came back with a vengence

You thought I was joking about the Polar Vortex, didn't you? Well, up here in Montana, shit is getting real again with winter. We're back in the deep freeze, with -20F temps in town and today it hit -63F up on top of Snowbowl (see below). Snowbowl was closed yesterday and today because of the XXXXtreme temps. We got over 2 feet of snow last week but with the 30 MPH winds on top of the mountain, the snow maybe have blown all the way to North Dakota. Stay warm out there.