Friday, June 24, 2011

Antelope as Indicators?

Antelope as Indicators in Our Recent Extreme Weather NewWest.Net

Interesting article on the speed goats that I love to chase around Eastern Montana. The party that I hunt with have hunted the same area for 6 seasons. We skipped last year as the #'s were 20-30% down. The previous year we had definitely noticed less animals. We were anticipating a another bad year this season and will be checking out some new ground.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rocky Mountain Wildfires Set to Intensify?

Rocky Mountain Wildfires Set to Intensify? | NewWest.Net

Thought this was interesting. Although, right now it doesn't seem as if anything could ever burn in Montana. The cold and wet continue. I was out in the woods yesterday at 6500ft doing my sawyer re-certification and guess what? We froze our asses off. It was 40 degrees and we had hats & gloves on. Lame. Bring on summer

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Wet and muddy in Montana these days. If you live anywhere in the state there's a good chance you're sick of the rain. May was gray and wet. The NWS data I looked at said Missoula's May had 21 days of light rain and 5 days of "rain". Enter Seattle references here. The graph above shows the Clark Fork almost tripling in a little over weeks. The surges and crest keep rising. Had it not been for some cold temps and snow in the high country, the heavy valley rains may have spilled the banks in a big way. The river sits at 12.5 feet and had originally been predicted to go to 14ft. The Missoulian put up some interesting aerial photos showing the flooding around town. Keep in mind there is still 90" of snow in the Rattlesnakes (7400ft).

The girls I took a ride down next to the Clark Fork and admired the power (and the people) of the river. Some great people watching down there, eh? We followed up the bike with a carousel/playground 1,2 punch. Knocking out the day with watching the fire department burn down a house (practice burn). Lucky.

Yes, you were supposed to say that in a Napolean Dynamite accent. But seriously, how cool is it to be a kid watching a structure burn while eating a piece of pizza?

Anyway, thanks for following along with the random stories and facts. Does anyone like these new little Facebook and comment buttons below? Bueller?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Dead things and live things

This is a picture of a little girl holding a flattened dead snake. It just so happens she is deathly afraid of flies. Go figure.

One likes flowers, the other dead snakes. Best buddies.