Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring life

Well I'm sure by now you are tired of reading about snow and weather in Western Montana. I don't know maybe you're not? Anyway, there are sure to be less powder posts from here on out as the snowpack is shrinking. While many areas south of Montana didn't quite have average snow, W. Montana faired okay. Snowbowl hit a 100" base on the summit (50" at base) just a week or so ago. Since then we've been losing an inch or two a day. I suspect we'll see a big drop after today's downpour and warm temps.

Our interests are slowly shifting towards the spring duties. Cleaning up the backyard and prepping the garden today in between rain showers. Small signs of life, mostly bulbs are emerging. The maple in front has popped its buds and looks to be ready to leave out. The household is anxiously awaiting the next joy to be born.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Avalanche caught on video tape hitting warehouse

On Feb. 1, the weather was so bad in King Cove, Alaska, that the Alaska Commercial store closed about a half-hour earlier than usual. Lucky thing. The last employee left that night about 7:30, a half-hour before the normal closing time. At 7:48 p.m., according to store manager Jeff Watt, an avalanche hit the warehouse behind the store -- an area employees typically would move in and out of at the end of the day. It pounded down a slope on the western side of the city where the store is located. Three videos uploaded to YouTube captured the avalanche from various angles inside and outside of the warehouse: Garage doors blown off

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kids in a candy shop

P-burg barn

We're entering a little heat wave in Missoula. The snowbanks have shrank to meaningless dirty humps. It's the time of year when every time you look out the window the weather is doing something different. I personally favor the snowing and sunny types of days.

The sun looks to be pushing into the 60's this weekend. Gone are the chances of having any really cold snaps. The winter has been mild as far as harsh low temperatures in the valley. In the higher elevations the winter has been good to us, Snowbowl has 66" at the base and 92" on top.

We took a trip over to Discovery the other day and had the kids slopes and the lodge for that matter to ourselves. The kids pizza'd when they should have pizza'd and all turned out well. Check out this guy french frying when he should have pizza'd., hilarious!

 If you get the chance, go to the Sweet Palace in Philipsburg, our kids kinda liked it.

Kids in the Sweet Palace, Philipsburg, MT