Monday, April 28, 2008

Getting Western - Emigrant, Montana

Last weekend we were invited down the annual branding at the West Creek Ranch (Rocking 50). The usual contingent of Firemen that are dumb enough to voluntarily wrestle 200 pound wild calves were invited. I was there purely for the coaching of newbies, drinking lots of beer, mocking and taking pictures. Sidelined with the ACL reconstruction seemed to be the smart excuse to sit this year out.

All in all the group kicked 275 calves asses. This includes, but is not limited to:

1. Rounded up and seperated from their moms
2. Chased around the pen until they are roped by the back hooves (sometimes one hoof, look out cowboy). Dragged out to a testosterone charged crowd waiting to work them over
4. Wrestled or thrown to the ground, one leg reefed one way, the other leg drawn back; don't forget the boot up the butthole
5. 2 vacinations with a needle like a straw
6. Branded by the iron
7. If yer a dude, you are also getting castrated on the spot. The scrotum is wacked off and the nuts yanked/cut from you. Don't worry you get some bacterial spray and some blood stop powder lil fella.
8. A good smack on the ass and life is gravy in the pasture.

Now you city slickers might be saying, dang that sounds inhumane. But ask yourself, how often do enjoy the fruit of the plains? (ie burger and/or steak) Okay then.

Anyhow, the weather held up and it only spit snow and rain on us towards the end (the next day was a blizzard). A massive BBQ was served up afterwards and then the drinking begins. I like playing cowboy for one day a year, otherwise I'm all good.

I borrowed my buddies camera with a great telephoto lens. I'll let the pics do the rest of the talking. Also, Tracy put up some pics on her blog -

Cool perspective on this one, check out the rope

Love the action in this shot

The views were just okay, J getting his fish on

One of the coolest guest cabins ever.

BBQ time

Tell me this couldn't be a Wrangler ad

Don't worry lil feller, its almost over.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Photos from the Vegas trip

Just finally getting around to putting up some photos from our trip to Las Vegas. The trip was a kick ass break. The weather could not have been better. We soaked in the 80 degree temps by the pool all day long.

It was nice not to stay in Vegas proper, we all enjoyed the quiet desert living. We ventured down to the Vegas one night for some casino hopping and people watching. Getting the fam together was great. Its crazy seeing the 4 little ones together, I can't wait till they're all mobile.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

My quest to get sunburned

Hot Damn! It's a heat wave in Western Montana. We've had 3 glorious days of much needed warmth and sunshine. Today the temp got to 79! It doesn't take long to notice that people have been enjoying it, just look around at the sunburned faces. I noticed 2 different guys at a BBQ yesterday that had the tell tale signs of floating a river, racoon eyes.
Did I have sunburn envy? Maybe.....I thought about getting out on the river. T and I gazed up at the Bitterroots from our friends house in Stevi, missing that view that we too used to have. Not too long after that I got a picture text from my buddy, a new raft sitting his garage.
"4 hr Broot tomorrow?"
"Hell yes, I'm in"
And so my quest for sun began. Being that I really haven't done anything "outside" for 2 months, I was jacked. We got out of town on a leisurely pace and headed for the Root. I dropped J off at Bell Crossing, then I took the truck and trailer to the Stevi take out. I then rode my bike 7 miles back up to the put in.
Alas, the sun was strong, but the fishing was lacking. We got Skunked, with a capital S. We missed 2 fish and probably saw 20 risers. We both kept waiting for the bugs to turn on. We saw a few skwalas, but not a lot. We ended up trying everything, buggers, streamers, all the dries....nothing.
But I did get my sunburn, so who cares?

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Do you have too much time your hands?

Well, chances are good that you have too much time your hands if you're reading this blog. But since you are, I've got something that will make you feel better about yourself. These guys most definitely are putting all their talents to work. Check out this video, pretty amazing

Crazy domino type thingy through the whole house

Friday, April 4, 2008

Highlights of 2007-08 season

I'm on daddy day care today, T is out and about enjoying some time to herself. She opted out of skiing today, despite my prodding she just wasn't into it. I found myself reminising a bit, and pulled up my ski notes for this winter. Wow, it was a good year even though it was cut at least a full 3 months short. There will be great skiing this year into May. All the resorts are boasting a 100" base, thats the best its been since the big winter of 96-97.

Anyway, here are a few hightlights that noted:

Update on the knee: Saw the doctor at the beginning of the week, his prognosis: 2 degrees range of motion difference b/t the good and bad knee = GREAT! I am spinning 8-10 miles a day. I'm also starting to be able to lift more, 100lbs on the leg press (both legs), 20 lbs on the hamstring pulley curl, squatting 45lbs. All in all the last 3 days the knee has felt great, the pain has really subsided and I have minimal swelling.