Sunday, April 13, 2008

My quest to get sunburned

Hot Damn! It's a heat wave in Western Montana. We've had 3 glorious days of much needed warmth and sunshine. Today the temp got to 79! It doesn't take long to notice that people have been enjoying it, just look around at the sunburned faces. I noticed 2 different guys at a BBQ yesterday that had the tell tale signs of floating a river, racoon eyes.
Did I have sunburn envy? Maybe.....I thought about getting out on the river. T and I gazed up at the Bitterroots from our friends house in Stevi, missing that view that we too used to have. Not too long after that I got a picture text from my buddy, a new raft sitting his garage.
"4 hr Broot tomorrow?"
"Hell yes, I'm in"
And so my quest for sun began. Being that I really haven't done anything "outside" for 2 months, I was jacked. We got out of town on a leisurely pace and headed for the Root. I dropped J off at Bell Crossing, then I took the truck and trailer to the Stevi take out. I then rode my bike 7 miles back up to the put in.
Alas, the sun was strong, but the fishing was lacking. We got Skunked, with a capital S. We missed 2 fish and probably saw 20 risers. We both kept waiting for the bugs to turn on. We saw a few skwalas, but not a lot. We ended up trying everything, buggers, streamers, all the dries....nothing.
But I did get my sunburn, so who cares?

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