Friday, April 4, 2008

Highlights of 2007-08 season

I'm on daddy day care today, T is out and about enjoying some time to herself. She opted out of skiing today, despite my prodding she just wasn't into it. I found myself reminising a bit, and pulled up my ski notes for this winter. Wow, it was a good year even though it was cut at least a full 3 months short. There will be great skiing this year into May. All the resorts are boasting a 100" base, thats the best its been since the big winter of 96-97.

Anyway, here are a few hightlights that noted:

Update on the knee: Saw the doctor at the beginning of the week, his prognosis: 2 degrees range of motion difference b/t the good and bad knee = GREAT! I am spinning 8-10 miles a day. I'm also starting to be able to lift more, 100lbs on the leg press (both legs), 20 lbs on the hamstring pulley curl, squatting 45lbs. All in all the last 3 days the knee has felt great, the pain has really subsided and I have minimal swelling.

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