Monday, September 1, 2008

September snow!

The last week has brought a bit of winter into the surrounding hills of Missoula. There haven't been any signs of flakes in the valley but its exciting none the less. We've had 2 seperate occasions where its rained or at least sprinkled for 1-2 days. That feels great compared to the scorcher of a summer that we had last year. Last year brought record temps in July (11 days of triple digit temperatures), while this summer I'm not sure we had any triple digits?

Today the clouds finally broke enough to see up towards Snowbowl, what did I see? Snow, thats right. Not a bad way to start off Septemeber. The Stuart Peak Snotel site said it was 36 degrees at 3pm and dropping. We actually had to turn on the heat in the house for the first time since June. Time to get serious about the knee......winter is around the corner :-).

Here's a picture from this morning, Sept. 2nd. Lolo Peak looking good

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