Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hunting on the brain already??

In the past couple of weeks we have a had few days that definitely felt "fallish". Last week it rained for a day and half, something you don't see very often in August. There were even reports of snow falling in the higher elevations. The clouds were heavy and clung to the mountains surrounding the valleys. I got out for a bike ride up to the Snowbowl Overlook and even had to put on a long sleeve shirt. The shrubs on the way up were definitely starting to show signs of changing colors.

Today is much of the same, 50 degrees with a light rain. The weather shift has forced me into another mode. I dug out all my hunting gear from the garage yesterday and started to get things ready. All the camo is in a pile, ready to be washed in the no-scent. The backpack has been emptied and inventoried. Stopped by Sportsmans Warehouse today and checked out some new binoculars.

It really is too early to be getting worked up about hunting, as there is still 6 weeks until Antelope season opener Oct 12th and Deer/Elk 8 weeks away. But hey it doesn't hurt to start getting ready. I'll be on Google Earth doing some scouting if you need me........

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