Monday, January 28, 2008

Cold smoke at the Bowl today

I awoke to the windows rattling this morning, the wind was howling. After a quick check to the snow report, I was gearing up. Wind would have buffed her clean I thought. The recording claimed 14" in the last 2 days with 6" overnight. That was about as good as I've seen Snowbowl.

I linked up with a good buddy and carpooled up after a quick brody in the 7R lot. Kinda felt like Ivan Iron Man Stewart there for a second. We were 15th chair (but who's counting?). The Griz was totally smooth, save the swales of goodness laid across the top. It was all of a new 6" super light cold smoke on top of a smooth base. Contrails of snow were drifting 50 feet behind all the riders. Managed to bang out 14000 vertical feet today with 6 runs. The money was over near Powerlines. All that and I was still able to get home by 100 and change some diapers!

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