Friday, June 20, 2008

Starting to feel somewhat normal

Since I got my mountain bike a few weeks ago I've been able to go on a few rides a week. It has done wonders for my mental state. I actually feel like I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and turning the corner on this rehab. Most of the rides are 5-7 miles but I've been on a few 10-12 milers and the knee feels pretty good. My buddy's have asked me while riding, hows the leg feels tired like the other one is my response.

I haven't had any pain in the knee after or on these rides, it just a matter of restoring and building up the muscle in that left quad. Plus I am lacking some endurance, but those will come with time.

The rides around Missoula are impressive. The Rattlesnake, although I've only done 3 up there, never ceases to amaze me. Smooth ass single track that makes ya feel like a hero. Pattee Canyon serves up a little more road action than single track (at least in my limited explorations so far), but is still pretty damn sweet. And Blue Mountain is close to my house, so it's convienent but really lacks the great single track that the other places offer.

I am digging how much more country you can see on a bike vs hiking. And then the downhill? Forgetaboutitfool, it is badass. I'm gettting a great work out on the way up and then having a ball on the way down. I hope biking doesn't jade me too much on hiking.

We're going to be headed for Florida here in a few days to visit T's family. I can't wait for some sun and beach action. The 4 hour flight from SLC to Fort Lauderdale with the kiddies should be a blast, I'll keep ya post. For now, enjoy some pics from recent rides around Missoula.

And this is pretty cool. Click here to see a panoramic view that I created from taking 4 pictures from the top of Mount Sentinel last week

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