Sunday, July 27, 2008

From the ocean to the rivers

I've been slacking a little bit on the bloggage lately and I'm sure you all are just chomping at the bit.....yeah right, I don't know if anyone even reads this thing? Hello, is this thing on....echo....echo. Don't be shy.....sign the little chat box thing there on the right eh and let me know what you think?

Anyway, we've been a whirl of activity it seems for the last month. T and I both flew down to Florida at the end of June and I spent a great week down there with her family. We survived the flight down with the wee ones, they were actually pretty darn good on the plane. Only having one freakout a piece, which were both short lived. T stayed another week and half while I held down the Missoula homestead bachelor style.

T's brother was gracious enough to take us deep sea fishing off the Palm Beach coast for 2 great days. The weather was perfect, no thunderboomers or other nastiness. The air was warm but the breeze kept it nice. All in all we brough in a mahi mahi, a couple blue runners, a wahoo and a bonita. We even hooked into a shark on one of the live blue runners we strung up for bait. Man did that shark make a serious run, but in the end it snapped the line. Here's some pics.....

Mahi Mahi

15 lb Bonita

Blue runner

The Doughboy, our boat for the 2 days
Tracy's new car, a Lamborghini

Then just a few days ago we got to get out and do a nice float on the Blackfoot. T's mom was in town so we were taking full advantage of their offer to babysit. The tuber hatch was just starting luckily, so the hippy redneck tubers were not in full swing. We used a goddard caddis and slayed'em. While I won't claim to have caught any monsters, I definitely landed 20 fish w/in about 2 hours. Probably about 1/2 of those were tiny guys, and the rest in the 10-12" range.

T hooked a few nice ones on the ole' spinner

Notice Steve's smoothly shaved arms, almost as shiny as the fish scale, huh?

Look at this beast, I almost had to use a gaff to get it up

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