Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Texts from Last Night

This would be the part where this blog changes seasons and possibly shape/form/taste. After yesterday's rafting trip down the Lochsa with a few buddies, I think I am finally relinquishing my skis. There is a chance I may get out a couple more times, but for the most part I am ready for water and warm weather.

So in that name, I bring you this tasteless and mindless humor. There is some funny shit in on this site if you have a few minutes to browse it. It really makes me want to bone up on my texting skills and start surprising people with my telephonic funniness.


Here's a sample of some of the goods I found:

(662): I scissor kicked a one legged man last night.
(662): He was trying to put me in handcuffs.
(1-662): You have my attention.

(301): I'm sorry my penis didn't work

(217): I'm trashed wearing your mom's snuggie. She says hello.

(517): I thought I drunk dialed Adam last night and left him a voicemail. I just checked my phone. I realize I left a drunk voicemail with my son's teacher.


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