Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sledding in the sunshine

A buddy and I got to take advantage of one of the seemingly "every other day(s)" of sunshine (alternating stormy/sunny) we've been getting lately. With blue skies and unseasonably warm temps in the forecast we got a noonish start and headed for Lolo Pass. The lot was loaded with snowmobile trailers, everyone seemed to be thinking the same thing....lets drink some beer and sled.

We brought all of our ski gear with the thought of finding some north facing stash of pow. But when the parking break came on and we looked at all the gear in the bed of the pickup. This is what we did without much hesitation:

We rode about 40 miles, exploring a few roads that neither had been on, looking for some ski possibilities next year. This one should have about 3 more feet on it next year and be rippable.

The snow was rated "hero" and we rallied pretty much wherever we wanted. Well, maybe not anywhere, but anywhere our skills and retro sleds would take us. Capped off the ride up to the Lolo Warming Hut and had few Double Haul's in the sun and called'er a day.

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