Friday, July 23, 2010

Rockies wildfire prediction

Yep its yet another post related to fire season and its predictions. Just like always only time will tell. We've started to see the nice warm days and some winds. The lower elevations grasses are curing quickly and we've seen our fair share of lightning already. There have been two stumps that tried to burn, lightning strikes I assume, one up near the M and one up Patty Canyon (several weeks ago)

The below highlights were taken from an article over on

• Average fire season throughout the Northern Rockies.
• Below normal potential fire in northern Idaho, far western Wyoming, and western Montana through mid-July due to a cool, wet spring that has shortened the fire season at high altitudes.
• At low elevations, fire fuel is above normal and should burn out by late July.
• La Niña will likely lead to a higher frequency of lightening in the Northern Rockies for the summer.
• Best predictions indicate a short, active fire season in August and September across the Rocky Mountain West that will likely diminish from late September to early October.

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