Friday, January 14, 2011


Yesterday morning Snowbowl reported 7" overnight. Freezing rain was falling in the valley, glossing the streets into skating rinks. La Nina continues to pour the pineapple to the Missoula area, but it's a good thing. Heavy wet flakes slopped down as we awaited the lifts to open. I was pumped as I was wearing my first ever Goretex jacket, what a day to test it out too. The Outdoor Research Mentor Jacket performed like it's price would suggest. I stayed dry all day, a far cry from my 6 year old sponge that will soon be visiting the trash can.

The new snow was very dense, but the visibility was the biggest factor to contend with. Goggles were rime iced after 5 turns forcing your hand on either skiing by braille or stopping to clean them off. The runs were quiet, no hooting or hollering. The only sound was the faint groan as people mustered their next turn. The weather pattern looks to be on the warmer/normal temp side for the next week with moisture every day. Snow is still everywhere in town, rock solid in most places especially the side streets. Thank god for snowtires.

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