Monday, March 14, 2011


I came across the video over on StokeLab, which is a great resource for its namesake. The video shows a couple in their mid-seventies still having fun in "da powder, eh". Truly inspiring to see people that age still out there and having fun. They're not just going through the motions, grinding out groomers, they're actually skiing some challenging terrain. Wow, just wow. Makes me think about where I want to be at that age.


TLC said...

Wow 100 days plus, and to think we were excited about our almost 20 plus days. But no groomed areas is another story. Yes your Dad and I can see you doing this at their age, God willing with a healthy body, including the ole knees. Thanks for sharing Tav!

~ Sheepheads said...

Keep those knees lubed with avocados, almonds and olive oil (seriously) on a spinach salad w/ lemon juice and cinnamon! :) You already know this ...

Tavis (got your name right), I meant to drop you a note earlier that I rode up the Griz lift with a man who was retiring from the fire dept. in MSO and he indicated for sure that you were the absolute best skier in Missoula in the dept.

For some reason I did not find that surprising! Cheers man. Hope you and your family and your knees are well! gt

ps. LR's been ripping your hill.

Kneester said...

Hey Gt, thanks for the compliment or I guess passing that along...kinda makes a guy feel loved. And to top it off, I actually got a comment out of someone on this blog. Sometimes I wonder if j wonder if anyone is reading this thing besides ky parent, not that they don't matter ( love ya!). And from reading your blog looks like you have the same intent, to share the stoke and to chronicle your adventures.

Do you get much interaction over on your blog with readers?

~ Sheepheads said...

We generally keep things on the DL.

Today was another good day on the Ridge. Lots of GREAT coverage! Thing spring corn!