Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Most anticipated storm of the year

Montana Snowbowl isn't doing to bad on their snowpack compared to many places around the nation. We're sitting at 58" inch base up top and 24" down at the base. But then if you compare that to Tahoe areas at 12 -18", most Colorado resorts at 30" and the big winner....Mt. Baker at 120". British Columbia seems to be holding in the second spot to Western Montana at a little over 70".

Over the last week we've listened to weather people spew forth their ominous snow forecasts for this week. Last week, they started projecting 4 to 8 feet to fall starting today - Thursday. The valley as usual (except for last year) has been very slow to pick up any snow. Really the only snow to speak of was a few weeks ago when we received a few inches. When last year at this time we had huge snowbanks in town. (see below)

Our rather large posse slayed the slopes of Snowbowl today during the impending storm. We sampled 4" that fell throughout the day. Snow was coming in sideways at times and we reveled at the possibilities of the storm. As my mother-in-law says to my daughters...You get what you get and you don't throw a fit.

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