Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Keegan Smith and David Gerow

It's not every child that can say they saw their first music show at 8 days old. Some generous friends of ours invited to their house to watch two excellent musicians, Keegan Smith and David Gerow. They proceeded to light the small crowd on fire in the basement. Everyone appreciated the unique lyrics and good beats to the tune of several types of beer from Bitterroot and Tamarack.

Oh and sorry, it's not that we want to you think our child is better than yours. But he actually is. Any way we were joking today about how advanced our son's neck strength was. He really is advanced, isn't he? I love hearing parents talk about their children.

What are you bragging about your kids?Come on, I know you're not mute.....click that little 0 comment below and let it flow. 

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Anonymous said...

I'm laughing about the fact that my son is going to kick your son's ass. 99th percentile height and weight, he is oging to be huge. All the little punks out there had better watch out!