Sunday, October 28, 2012

More mountain lions

Last year a particular area that I hunted seems to be overflowing with mountain lions. For those of you following along, you may remember the post here. It was also interesting that this summer, not too far from that very same area another mountain lion was seen stalking campers. It was later dispatched by MT FWP and most people were better off for it.

The big game opener also was no stranger to seemingly the same mountion population. A friend hunting in that area ran into a hunter who ended up shooting a mountain lion at "6 steps". My buddy described him as shaking and bone white. Below is the excerpt from the news clip:

The man pulled into the check station with a mountain lion that easily stretched across his pickup's 6-foot bed.

He didn't want his name used, or to detail the circumstances surrounding his day. But he told Fish, Wildlife and Parks that he'd turned around while hunting to see the lion stalking him. Even when he waved his arms and hollered, the cat kept coming, until he shot it when it was only about six yards -- translation: six mountain lion strides -- away.

The well-muscled lion with the impressive claws and incisors attracted a small but admiring crowd Saturday. It weighed in at about 150 pounds, and was estimated to be about 3 years old.

"A once-in-a-lifetime experience," the man said as he gazed down at it

I think I'll probably be looking over my back a bit less now know there is one less lion on that area.

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