Friday, February 27, 2015

Summer in the Winter time

Everyone in the West is talking about the lack of winters presence with snowfall in West almost non-existant in some places. Oregon and Washington are reporting anywhere from 18 to 50 of average snowpack. Alaska is reporting around 36 percent of average. The water content of the snowpack in the Sierras, ranged from a paltry 17 to 41 percent of the average on February 26. 

Around Missoula, the lower elevations from my guess have got to be below average. The college rag ran this graphic recently. We haven't really had any substantial snow in the valley to speak of. Let' s hope this isn't a developing trend.

I rolled the dice and opted not to get a Snowbowl pass this year (did the same last year). It's been odd not to have the coveted piece of plastic to rely on when I'm bored or feel the need to stretch my legs. But I have to say, this might be one of those years to be okay missing (at least considering the total number of deep days we've had this year). I've been lucky enough to hit 2 good deep days (12" plus). 

Tracy and I also were able to con my parents (just kidding) into watching the kids while we had a insanely refreshing vacation in the Puerto Vallarta/Sayulita area. It was everything we wanted and then some. Now we have to deal with remaining dreams of buying a house down there. Anyone have a couple hundred $k you can spare? 

We've been getting out with the kids and they've been having a blast. William is wedging to a stop and we've had 2 days at Discovery so far with NO CRYING! Not a tear shed by one of them. And another milestone was reached, Payton and Gwynn got on the chair and rode it all by themselves! Almost brought a tear to dear old Dad's eye ;-0.

 I leave you with this funny little note that wrote to old man Winter. 

Dear Winter:
Hey man. How’s it going? A few of us were just talking about you. And by “just,” I mean for the past two months. Wondering what you’re up to, where you’re at, if you’re going to make it out West this year, or if we should just put the skis and stuff away until December.
I saw via a couple people’s Facebook and Instagram feeds that you’ve been spending some time and precipitation in the Northeast—that’s cool, please give those folks a high-five from us and tell them to enjoy it. I don’t want to sound entitled or anything, but it seems like you’ve kind of blown your whole wad out there this year, don’t you think?
I mean, I could be wrong, but I don’t think the people in Boston are that stoked about you dropping five feet of snow on them this month. Vermont, yes. Boston, well, that’s a lot of shoveling, and not a lot of skiing.
If you would have left two feet in, say, the Sierras, or in the Pacific Northwest on your way over there, that would have been really nice.
Okay, sorry, you’re right. No, I should not be telling you how to do your job. I am a writer, not a season, and I have no idea what it’s like. Yes, that was out of line. But really, did you leave all the snow in Japan on your way here?
Sorry. But look, seriously, if this were a performance review at your job, most of us would be a little more than disappointed. Metaphorically, let’s say you were a waiter. Most of your customers in Colorado would be leaving you sub-20% tips. People in Washington and Oregon would be sitting at their tables wondering how you could have forgotten to bring the food out to them. Californians would be standing outside the restaurant scratching their heads, confused if you were going to open the doors, or if you just decided to say The Hell With It and sell the business.
I’m not really sure what to say to get you motivated. I mean, the new Mad Max movie trailer looks interesting, but I think a lot of people in California were thinking they might have a few more years before that type of “water war” situation happened, instead of Summer 2015. Are you pissed about people not conserving water? Maybe we can work out a trade. Say we stop watering lawns. Would you, in exchange, drop a couple feet of white stuff in the Sierra?
Let’s be frank: You’re not most people’s favorite season to begin with. Yes, around the holidays, at the beginning of winter, maybe through the first couple snowstorms, everybody’s excited. But by early February, we all get a little tired of tracking snow everywhere, driving on edge, shoveling, watching the fluffy white stuff turn into piles of brown slush on the curbs, waiting in the freezing pre-dawn hours for our dogs to poop so we can go back inside where it’s warm, you get the picture. Spring has blooming flowers, fall has changing colors, summer has vacation, rock climbing, mountain biking, trail running, peak bagging, backpacking, hiking, swimming, kayaking, and exposed flesh—man, you have to put up a bigger fight and at least TRY to make a case for second place.
I’m saying skiing is cool, and is probably the #2 reason people like you (second to Santa Claus) at all. We’ve built all this infrastructure so we can have fun with you. And then you don’t show up. To paraphrase every teenager’s mother ever, we’re not mad at you, we’re just disappointed.
You have about a month left. What do you say?

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