Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Day 3 - San Quintin to a remote ass beach

Day 3
San Quintin to a remote ass beach 
170ish miles

Shaking off some strong ass margarita induced fog, we strolled over to the restaurant. While sitting we couldn't help but employ some of our firefighter skillz and pull down a smoke detector that was beeping a loud ass low battery beep. Huevos Rancheros were solid! We hit the black trail at the crack of 11am after getting some gas at the Pemex at Los Pinos. They hwy drive down to to Catavina was awesome, at least on the KLR. The 350 and 450 were crying about their butts, but we pressed on.

We found the barrel gas in Catavina. Then headed over to the hotel for some lunch.

This is gonna taste good! 

We hit up the abarottes, stocking up on snacks and beers as we would be camping out at the beach tonight. Bombearo kindly packed ice and beers in a drybag in his backpack for the next 80 or so miles of dirt
The ride heading south out of Catavina towards the coast was phenomenal, the desert was green as green and the cactus were ridiculous! 

 Some great little strand stretches and smooth stuff too. All was flowing well, except for feeling the pressure of the pending night fall that as nearing. At about 5pm, I heard a funny squeak emanating from front tire.....braaap...then I felt it...a flat.
We worked like a pit crew and had it changed in about 20 minutes.

There happened to be some nearby timbers we used to prop the old girl up. I yanked out the affected tube and found a pin hole.....hmmm must be a cactus, nothing else on/in the tire. I dropped in the heavy duty tube I had brought (also had a spare tube for the rear). I pulled away cringing at the thought of how many more flats may be in my future.
Continuing on we finally hit the fish camp on the coast. The sun dipped below the horizon. We rolled a few more miles and pulled into the area we would camp in the dark. We found a perfect little spot that was out of the wind. Amazingly enough we scavenged a few pieces of wood and found that they burned awesome. We all expected by their size that it would be a fart in the frying pan, must be some sort of coastal thing? We enjoyed the Tecate tall boys and dozed off to stars equivalent to what we are used in the Big Skys of Montana. Highlight video - make sure to put on HD1080 [

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