Saturday, January 6, 2018

Day 5 San Borja to Bahia Asunscion 175ish miles

Day 5
San Borja to Bahia Asunscion
175ish miles


After dreaming of snakes crawling out the palapa onto my tent, I awoke and enjoyed a badass sunrise with some java. We had a good sized day inline and hoped to get another good start as we had the day before. We had asked Jose about Huevos Rancheros (he probably rolled his R's about this stupid gringo request) and he said he could make it happen. Unfortunately machaca pescado would have to do, it was good stuff though.

We headed south and left the hwy after about 10 miles from Rosarito. It was some great flowy 2 track that headed west towards the coast and then more south. A few spots as we neared Laguna Manuela were a bit tricky on the loaded KLR with deep sandy ruts. I had one get off in that stuff, but no damage.

In G. Negro we found a great taco truck and filled our faces. A stop at Pemex and a couple Tecates. We short cutted the pavement with some great 2 track towards Bahia Asunscion. You could roll wide open in most parts. And that's just what Bombearo did. J and I came around a corner and started seeing tools scattered in the berm. Getting off our bike we picked up tool, after bolt, after trinket for a couple hundred yards. Bombearo had been having issues with his tool pouch riding on top of his Giant Loop. It had apparently decided to give up the ghost. We finished and mounted up finding him just around the corner with the bike on it's side and him prying on something. SHIT.

He was trying to remove a wad of metal and plastic that had took up residence in his rear brake rotor. The tool pouch had ripped open, its contents somehow dropping down into the rotor, where they became instantly lodged and brought his bike to a skidding halt. There was a plastic bag, a rag and some chain links shoved in there. After 3 monkeys F-d the football for a few, we got it out and found everything in good shape.

We rode by a couple pieces of beef jerky, but it didn't taste good. 

The highway was brutally windy crossing the salt flats, cool looking though.

Thanks to BigDog's recommendation, we found Juan at the La Bufadora Hotel, what a great guy. He called ahead for us and pointed us to a stellar dinner at Mari's .

Highlights for the day - turn on 1080p

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