Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Changed the blog title

For anybody that actually might be reading this or noticed, I changed the name of the blog. I know, don't be alarmed, settle down everyone. I thought that the "Western Montana Stories" title was just too generic. You know I really want something that grabs the reader when they come in.

Kneetopia just kinda flew into my head. That's all have been thinking about for the last 3 weeks. Thats likely not going to change for quite some time either. I'm starting to really be pretty jacked about the surgery. The idea of turning the corner and having nothing but improvement ahead has me motivated.

I hope that I can retain, if not increase the steam I am feeling right now about exercise and rehab. I plan to work my legs into the best shape they've ever been. However, I realize much if it will be a mental game and learning to trust my knee again. I've done a lot of thinking about just how important my knees really are to me. Just take a sec and think about yours.......

Any how enough of that serious shit, I stumbled across this. The site name alone had me laughing. Theres a few entertaining pictures in here too. Check out Passed Out Wookie http://www.passedoutwookies.com/

btw - I've worked into some 11 mile rides on the spinner in the basement and have been able to lift some weights at the gym. Really no pain at all, its just not stable. I'm almost able to walk down stairs (which was very difficult), although you can tell something ain't right.

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