Thursday, February 14, 2008

The verdict is in

My knee saga continues.
I met with the 2 different ortho surgeons this week and got a definite diagnosis on my left knee. I do in fact have a torn ACL and MCL. I've made a decision to go with the Dr. that was unanomously recommended by friends. It was really a pretty easy decision. The knowledge and confidence that Dr. Schutte had made me feel much better. He outlined the injuries and showed me the road to recovery.

I am scheduled to have reconstructive surgery on the 29th of this month. For the next 2 weeks I will be rehabbing as hard as I can. I am cleared to do some weight lifting at the gym and can ride the bike. I'll be getting a stationary bike, that way I have no excuse not to be on it every day. The idea is to keep the muscles as strong as possible (as deconditioning, see losing muscle happens quickly), so that once the ACL is replaced you don't have to totally rework your muscles. I have already noticed my left quad has started to get soft.

Dr. Schutte will perform a patellar tendon graft, see below:

The ligament shown above then replaces the defunct ACL. Pretty cool.

I've been coping pretty well considering all the snow that continues to stack up in the high country. I have found myself thinking about the warmth of Spring and Summer. Really looking forward to getting a mountain bike and getting out there. Oh yeah, then theres work. I haven't been in for 3 weeks. But it looks like next week I'll be downtown in the headquarters office on light duty.

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