Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oil and Water Project

While this isn't new news....Some Missoula boys showing how you can do it right, on many levels. What a great project. Not only did they do something great for science and the earth. They also managed to write their own ticket to one badass roadtrip. Nice work!

Oil & Water Project
: Two kayakers embark on an Endless Summer-style, 35,000 km road trip from Alaska to Argentina in a retro-outfitted Japanese fire truck without a single drop of petroleum. They converted their regular diesel engine to run on everything from pig lard to palm pulp and they traveled for nine months in pursuit of the best whitewater in the Americas. The pair coordinated with schools, local governments, farmers, agricultural research centers and media to conduct demonstrations advocating for the use of alternative energy all along the way. Winner of the People’s Choice Award at the Wild & Scenic Film Festival.

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