Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Redneck weekend

Last weekend we had to take a step back and have a big laugh at ourselves. We joked that wow, that was a redneck weekend. Aw shucks, we sure had a swell time. I think sooner or later I may have to accept the fact that I am on the road to domestication. Here's a breakdown of the fun:

- T picks some green peppers and cucumbers from our garden. Canning them, she makes some very tasty relish.
- Not to be outdone, I bust out the ground mule deer meet from last year and make some tasty deer jerky. We managed to eat up 2 pounds of the last batch in 2 weeks, NEED MORE MEAT!
- I headed out to the Deep Creek Shooting Range to sight in my rifle for the season. She's dead on boys, look out.
- The icing on the cake?: A friend suggests we have a fire down by the river. We met another couple and their 2 kids at the trailhead and mounted up. Pushing a Chariot full of gear (including an ax, saw, hot water for hot chocolate, pack & play, chairs, fire starter, beer, S'mores makings) we wound through the rustling leaves for 1/2 mile and found a white sandy beach on the Clark Fork. We had a perfect night laughing and enjoying the fire with all the kids.

Enjoy the photos and one little stupid clip of me with the trusty rifle.

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