Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ladys and gentlemen, I bring you the 9 month update

I know you all have been holding your breath for this moment, hmmm yeah. Rest assured your ACL recovery update has come. Rehab is coming along about as good I as I could expect. Would I like it to be better? Yes. But realistically I am doing well. Here’s the basics of where I’m at:

- Range of motion = full
- No pain or swelling since probably month 4
- Hitting the weights at the gym regularly 3 times a week
- MTB’d a bunch late summer, felt great
- Have not been doing any jump type exercises for a few months now, probably should be
- Can run with no pain, 4 miles is about as far as I’ve gone
- Packed part of my elk out at ~70lb down a steep and slippery slope = solid
- Fell down many times in many contorted ways this hunting season = solid
- Leg workout, some numbers for comparison sake: Smith Machine squats 3 sets of 16 (185, 225 and 255lbs), 60 lunges with 30lb dumbbells, Seated leg press 270 3 sets of 18, Single leg press 140….lots of other stuff, but this is stuff I want to track.

All in all the biggest thing that I feel that I have improved is my confidence. Although I still have a ways to go before I’ll feel bomber on the skis, it’s a good start. I know that I can fall and its not going to blow out on me. I still have a noticeable muscle deficit in the leg that was operated on. I would guess that % wise its maybe 90% of the size of the normal leg. Thanks again to everyone that had encouraging words.

Today was the last day of deer and elk season (at least for the areas that didn't get the 3 week extension). My lazy ass couldn't muster the motivation to get out of bed this morning. However, in my dreams this is how it could have gone down. Maybe next year?

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