Sunday, December 14, 2008

Well BELOW ZERO in Missoula

Just as forecasted, the Arctic beast rolled into western Montana Friday night. Saturday morning I peeked out the window to find white stuff in the front yard and its about time. It came in quick & dumped most of the snow (in the valley anyway) in the wee hours of the night. I think we probably got 3-4 inches here at the house, but with a ton of wind.

Snowbowl announced on Saturday that they were shooting for a nooner opening with 10 new inches up top. Reports varied from good to too damn cold. At any rate the base sounds like its building up top, with only Lavelle running. But the good news is apparently Paradise is passable. No skiing for me yesterday, I was stuck at work.

The top of Point Six is posting up some brutally cold numbers and when I say brutal I mean it. This stuff makes me shiver. From the Point Six weather station it shows that it has got down to 28 BELOW Zero sometime last night around 1030pm.

Currently its sitting at -25F with an average of 35 mph. If you are wondering just how cold that might feel to your precious little skin take a look at this Wind Chill chart. With that current wind and temp you would feeling like it was MINUS 65F. That means bare skin would have frostbite 5 minutes.

The snow should be sticking around for awhile. Temps are looking at -12 tonight, 0F on Monday, 8F on Tuesday and 10F on Wednesday. Wooot. Woot. We'll definitely have to remember this storm in the backcountry for a while as I'm sure the slabs and loading are setting up something fierce.

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