Monday, August 23, 2010

Fishing or playing with Nightcrawlers?

We're marking off lots of 'firsts' this summer with the girls, including fishing for the first time. Spin fishing in a local pond wouldn't be complete with a a trip to Wal-Mart. We stopped in and grabbed a container of Canadian Nightcrawlers, a few bobbers, handful of hooks and a case of BudLight - just kidding. Next stop, Silver's Lagoon. Fishing held their attention for oh about 2 minutes, then they wanted to swim, then explore the bushes and more importantly play with every worm in the bucket.

Amazing how a little girl can boldly grab a spiny perch and hold it like she's done it before. Then the next minute dig into the tub and shove a worm in her sister's face. Absolutely great.

Here sissy want a worm?

I like worms!

T and I also got away for a night of camping all by ourselves. We headed west out of town and checked out the Fish Creek area. Along the way we checked out Montana's Largest Pine - a Ponderosa 350-year-old, 200-foot-tall, what a beast (see below).

The two photos below were captured from the North Hills area, check out the rainbow emanating from Mt. Sentinel.

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