Friday, September 3, 2010

Tic, Tic, you hear that?

That's the sound of summer slipping away. With a mere 17 days left in the oh so short summer of Montana we eeked out another picture perfect day enjoying the bounty of the local area. Armed to the teeth with toddlers we struck out for the Clark Fork with the rafts and way too many snacks. Only an hour after our agreed meeting time we left for the put-in. Those kiddos seem to have an effect on punctuality, weird.

Five kids all under the age of five, good times indeed. They thoroughly enjoyed the 4 hour float, of course the lollipops, Cheezits, string cheese, juice and crackers helped. We were even able to wet the lines and land a few dinks. Another first for the girls.

And last week we had the opportunity to listen to the great music of Bruce Threlkeld at the Ten Spoon Winery here in Missoula. By the way the 2007 Prairie Thunder Petite Sirah is damn tasty. The venue is nothing short of perfect, wine, views, music and open skies.

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Anonymous said...

Loved viewing your pics and reading your words. I see the time issue is still with you. Remember the song, "No Worries, Be Happy". Thats what its all about. Don't sweat the small stuff like, 60 minutes. You chose an interesting shot of Tracy. Cute but she is way more beautiful than that pic showed. We look forward to some floats next summer. Can we make some reservations now. I'll be glad to watch those 5 toddlers with life jackets of course. Thanks for the Posts. Your Dad viewed but I don't think he knows how to comment. All in due time.
Hugs, Mom