Thursday, April 14, 2011

Run Forrest, RUN! 8 days after

That's kind of how I feel today. I had at PT session this morning and found good results. I no longer need 2 crutches and I don't need my post op brace, WOOT! One of the main differences between Forrest and me is that I cannot run unfortunately. But the fact that I'm dropping some gear is a great step in the right directions. My range of motion this morning was up 15 degrees from Tuesday, at 120.

Both the PT and the Doc were impressed at my motion and said I'm well ahead of schedule. The spin biking I've been doing seems to be helping, so I've got to keep that up. Swelling has gone down substantially, although I can still press with my thumb on my shin and the indention stays there for a few minutes, nasty. Stitches came out today too. Now that I'm showering I feel like a much better person. My beard is coming in nicely. I plan to grow it out until I have to go back to work, which shouldn't be for another month and half. Although the crop of grey hairs in there is a little unnerving. Oh well, I guess a set of twins and life in general will do that to a guy.

I've been quite the couch sloth for the last week and since no one gave me any ideas, I had to shoot from the hip. I found that surfing the internet relentlessly and a dozen or so Netflix's kept the boredom somewhat at bay. Although the drugs certainly helped. Oxycodone is some stong stuff and hours morphed into days. If my knee will take it, I'll be out the garage doing a little bit of woodworking. I plan to build a step up box to be used in rehab. Something similar to these appleboxes, we'll see how they turn out. Cheers.


Anonymous said...

I was surfing around looking for a picture of the Forrest Gump brace and came across your post. It was like reading an account of my exact same situation (although I understand this was quite a while ago for you). Just thought I'd say thanks for reminding me that I'm not alone, as I sit on the couch in my post-op knee brace and wait and wait and go to PT and then wait some more. :)
Beth in MN

Kneester said...

Glad you could find some information and entertainment. Take a look around the blog and you should find some more knee related stuff. Good luck on your recovery, PT like it's your job.