Tuesday, March 4, 2008

4 days out

Update on the knee: I still pretty couch bound usually just going b/t there and the bathroom. But today I actually made it up stairs and "took a shower", well kinda. I washed my hair finally and wiped down w/ a rag, good stuff. As of this moment the knee feels better than it has. I experienced this yesterday too, late in the afternoon, I felt less pain and seemed to have better range of motion. I put on the brace and hobbled downstairs on my crutches. Slowly crawling onto the bike, I was able to do a full revolution (this was not possible at my PT session yesterday). I rode the bike w/ no resistance for about 5 minutes, legs felt very shaky.

Yesterday the PT measured my range of motion at a max of 105 degrees. The PT mentioned that I would need 110 to be able to spin on the stationary bike. So that was encouraging to say the least. I also was doing the CPM at 105 degrees, so the PT said that will likely not have to use it after tomorrow.

And just for reference, I have been keeping tally on my stationary bike rides. So far since 2/6 to 2/27 I rode 140 miles and spent 720 minutes pedaling. It'll be interesting to see what that tally is if I can keep it for a year. The plan is to ride 5-6 days/week for an hour. I think that would be somewhere in the neighborhood of 120 miles a week.

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