Sunday, March 2, 2008

The aftermath

Well, here I lie on the couch. I have't ventured very far in the last 48 hours. The surgery was a success. The operation took about 3 hours and I was in recovery for 2 hours. Here's how it went:

I changed into a gown and they stuck me with an IV with some Lactated Ringers. Next they shaved my left leg, sexy. The doc came over and marked my knees with the universal symbols for no and yes (to denote which knee was to be operated on). By that time Tracy had returned after getting the next door neighbor all dialed in on watching the twins. Then the nurse dropped some Verced into my IV. I started to feel all dizzy and blurred instantly. Wheeling me back to the OR it took effect even more. The nurse then told me to take 10 deep breaths into the mask and thats the last thing I remember.

Next thing I knew, Tracy was there with me and I was sitting in a recliner in the recovery area. I felt very naseous and almost barfed a few times. I could barely see across the room and keep wavering in and out of consciousness. I was finally allowed to have some liquid, which tasted sooooo good. After 2 hours I felt good enough to get the show on the road. They took me to the truck in a wheelchair.

I went straight to my trusty recliner at home and relaxed. There wasn't much pain at this point, just felt kinda woozy. I slept like a log that night.

Day 1 after surgery: Unlocked the brace and bent the knee for the first time. Able to put some weight on it w/ crutches when I get up to go to the bathroom. Tracy is great and waiting on me hand and foot. I know its super hard for her w/ taking care of the girls too. A couple friends came over and watched the girls while T took a shower and went to the store. Some other friends dropped off some awesome lasagna, yum yum. Able to put my leg in the CPM and running the angle up to 65 degrees, feels good to do that. The pain meds have me a constant state of a floating feeling. Slept on the couch with the CPM going all night. Didn't get that good of sleep as I was in a lot more pain.

Day 2: woke up in a lot of pain. THe knee is feeling very stiff today and very swollen, still no signs of bruising. It will be interesting too see if I even get any bruising (don't know if I've bruised in my life). I jacked the CPM up to 85 degrees today and that makes my knee feel a lot better. Having trouble doing the exercises they gave me (quad tightening, hamstring curls and straight leg lifts).

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